Why Blog?


Well folks, we’ve reached that time of blog.  After about a month of consistent blogging, I suddenly find myself mystified at why I started this site in the first place.  It seems like I’m not saying much of anything in particular to anybody in particular in any particularly exciting way.  The whole thing feels a little unnecessary.  Narcissistic at worst.

My first post was about how to start over, but what about how to keep going?  I’m not going to write a whole post about maintaining motivation (sorry, you’re on your own for that one…).  Instead, my goal today is to remind myself why having a blog is a super awesome thing that I should keep doing.  Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Document my thoughts
If I didn’t write them down, those that didn’t stick to my memory would disappear into another dimension.

2. Practice my writing
In theory, this should improve.

3. Feel Productive
“I came home from work, sat on the couch, watched TV, and ate” can really be spruced up with the phrase “created a new blog post” nestled in there.

4. Share my ideas
I am so excited to see that almost 400 people have pinned my post about meaningful bridal shower ideas!

5. Hear your ideas
More of this, please!

6. Learn new things
I had so much fun researching my last post about famous blues covers.

7. Feel good about myself
Let’s be honest- it’s nice when people compliment something you’ve worked hard on (thanks, Mom!)

8. Chronicle my life
I still get so much enjoyment from reading the blog I kept during my semester in Chile.  So, you’re welcome, Future Sam.

9. Connect with family and friends
This blog helps me keep far away family and friends in the loop and often gives me an excuse to catch up with them.

10. Participate in the global community
Nothing like the internet to remind you that people are people everywhere.  WordPress Reader is one way to participate in the global community.

So, with #5 in mind I ask, Why do you blog?


11 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I blog to get my name out there and to hear the ideas of others! With technology, our professional networks are really pretty small.

  2. I have my quilting blog to connect with other quilters. I mainly started it to keep my mom in the loop on my projects in an easy to digest format, but it has turned into being part of a much larger community. And when one of my tutorials got several hundred pins, it also gave me the warm fuzzies.

  3. I was going to comment on this yesterday, but I didn’t know what to say! Why do I blog is a difficult question. Definitely for writing practice… but also because it makes me feel happy, productive, and accomplished. Is that a good enough reason? (I hope so!)

  4. De nada, Mamita. I was just telling Dad that I like your blog, because it’s so meaty! Lots of food for thought. Wait a minute…maybe that was a poor choice of words. ;-P

  5. Great post – I’m glad I’m not the only one who starts questioning starting a blog relatively quickly! I’ve had the same thought process. I suppose I blog because I like to put my thoughts into words – I think it helps me to put all of my thoughts/feelings together into a more concise, to-the-point message regarding my recent experiences. Also, like you, I like to keep friends/family in the loop about what’s going on!

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