Passive Aggressive Diet Tip #2

First, I’m going to need your help.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about an indirect, strange diet tip with the intent of being the first in a series.   Unfortunately, the title sounded like something flashing on the sidebar next to a gif of somebody’s shrinking belly.  (As a side note, here’s an interesting blog post about how “click-bait is killing  content quality“.)  Anyway, my old title was lame, so I’m going to need you to join me in pretending that my first diet tip post was entitled”Passive Aggressive Diet Tip #1″.  Got it?  Okay, great.  What is reality if not collectively sanctioned perception anyway?  Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s my second Passive Aggressive Diet Tip.  You know, since I already posted one Passive Aggressive Diet Tip and this is the next one that I’m posting with the same name as the other one.  Right?  Right.

Passive Aggressive Diet Tip #2:

Freeze Things



I’m not talking about leftovers here.  I’m talking about freezing foods and eating them frozen.  Bananas, chocolate, cherries (OMG my favorite!!!), yogurt, juice, bars, cookies… so many choices!

When I was a kid, my parents used to put my juice boxes in the freezer so they would keep my food cold and be defrosted by lunch period.  Pretty innovative, but not as innovative as my friends and I were when we’d cut off the tops and eat that icy juice with a spoon.  Which is better- a juice box you slurp down in 30 seconds, or a frozen slushy treat that takes 30 minutes to eat?

That’s the fantastic thing about frozen foods- they take a long time to eat.  Of course, “a long time” is a relative term (a piece of chocolate might take 2 minutes instead of .2 seconds to disappear), but it’s a lot easier to eat just 1 cookie if it takes 10 minutes.  There’s also the added bonus that freezing things kind of makes them a little more desserty.  Add “frozen” in front of “yogurt” and it gets a lot more exciting.  See what I mean?  Even a frozen banana is cold, creamy and satisfying.  (I’ve been buying these at Fairway and they are awesome.)

I’m sure I’m not alone here.  What foods do you like to eat frozen?  And if this seems strange to you, go ahead and give it a try.  Hopefully you’ll be less, “You bitch! Why did you freeze a perfectly good brownie?” and more, “Cold things are delicious, you clever devil you”.



3 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Diet Tip #2


    Really, I thought your mom froze those for us to enjoy on a summer day. This whole “defrosting-in-the-lunchbox” thing is news to me! Hmmmm….

    Anyway, I freeze blueberries (got that from you), and sometimes grapes if I think they’re going to go bad soon (another added bonus of freezing things).

    My mom cuts up bananas, dips them in chocolate pudding mixed with a little water, wraps them in tinfoil and freezes those. I sometimes take 2 chocolate graham crackers, add a little Cool Whip in between, and wrap and freeze those. It’s like an ice cream sandwich, but way healthier. Not too shabby!

  2. Hola Mamita- Me alegro mucho leer acerca de las cosas de tu ninez que recuerdas con carino. That said, love popping a frozen blueberry, or two.

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