The Money-Time Continuum

In the battle between time and money, I’ve always been partial to time.  This is true for me with respect to intellectual pursuit (metaphysics vs. economics) and Pink Floyd songs (“Time” vs. “Money“), but what I want to explore here is possession.  I tend to value my time more than my money.  Day off or bonus pay?  Day off, please.  Gift card or time together?  No question.Image

In our capitalist society, time and money are inextricably connected.  Money buys time, but you need to spend time to earn money.  Some days I feel like I sacrifice too much of one for the other, and some days I conclude that I don’t have enough of either.  Some amount of each is essential, of course.  But how do you know when you’ve achieved the optimal balance?

Clearly, this internal debate is one of luxury.  When you don’t have enough money to support your family, time is no object.  It is likely a reflection of my relatively recent initiation into the 9-5 (or 8-6…) club.  Just 3 years ago, I planned my days around attending a few classes, knocking out a couple of assignments, and babysitting in the evenings.  The rest of the time was mine to spend as I pleased.  Ah, sweet freedom.  Of course, this was privileged time- time for learning and growing (and meet the love of my life) made possible by my parents’ hard-earned money that they generously put toward my education.  When somebody else pays for your time, money can be wrongfully devalued.  Is that what has happened to me?

Or do I just love free time?  Time to go for walks, laugh with friends, sit and think.  Time to take care of yourself and those you love.  Time to live your life… that you need money to sustain.  Time to enjoy your objects… that you used money to buy.  Time to travel and spend your money…

I’m obviously very confused about this issue.  Far more confused than one should be when writing a blog post on a subject.  I have nothing to proclaim or profess, no desire to convince or contradict.  I’m simply thinking that, once my basic needs are met, I’d choose time over money in a second.



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