I Am Twitterpated!

I am twitterpated!!  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it has nothing to do with my character count (…140 of anything would not be adequate to express twitterpation!).  It has to do with buds on trees, interlocking hands, a hop in your step, and good things on the horizon.

The word “twitterpated” was popularized in the 1942 Disney classic Bambi when Friend Owl explains the dizzying springtime emotion that overtakes nearly every young animal.  Take a look:

Sure, it seems that the original meaning described yearly mating rituals or, at best, romantic swooning.  But in my lexicon (and actually in the Oxford English Dictionary), the meaning of “twitterpated” has expanded to any feeling of buzzing excitement and anticipation.

This is probably one of my favorite neologisms.  It is so intuitive.  The twitter- part is practically onomatopoetic.  It almost even has a kinesthetic component, requiring lingual movements that mimic an excited musical trill.  The –pated part draws on connotations of anticipated or syncopated (hopefully not constipated!), so this word naturally evokes an energetic anticipation.  Couldn’t have coined a better term myself!

So now that we all know about twitterpation (twitterpate, twitterpater, twitterpatable, twitterpating… derivations are fun!), we can talk about why I am so twitterpated right now.  Well for one thing, this behemoth winter appears to finally be receding.  My car dashboard reads 40 in the morning instead of 20, and I’m pretty sure I wore sandals at least once this month.  I have not dug my car out in at least a few weeks.  Things are looking up.  Of course, being the newlywed I am, I do not need the excuse of spring to be all loveydoveysmooshymushyface with my husband.  But the thought of being able to go on hikes and lay by pools is pretty fantastic.

But wait, there’s more!  The even more twitterpating event in my life right now is our recent real estate purchase.  Yes, you read right- Ari and I bought a townhouse!  It’s pretty great in its own right- 3 floors, 2 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a deck with a view, a pool in the community, a big soaking tub (ahhhhhh).  But the true cause of my twitterpation is that the rest of my life can start this June.

Don’t get me wrong- things are pretty damn great in my world right now.  But for almost a year, Ari and I have been picturing ourselves somewhere else.  Our apartment (which I affectionately refer to as “our shoebox”), no longer feels like a place where we can grow.  Easy now, I’m not talking about “growing our family”.  I’m talking about growing ourselves as individuals.  Despite the beautiful brick wall I am currently sitting next to and the quirky, soulful town right outside the door, I feel stifled here.  I’ve always seen our immediate future elsewhere, and therefore feel constrained by the temporary nature of my home.  Seems a little counter intuitive when I put it like that.  But despite wisdom telling me to live in the moment, the fact of the matter is that, for at least the last few months, I have been simply waiting.

Finally I can see what I’ve been waiting for and I am downright twitterpated about starting it.  This new home not only provides a beautiful and adequately-sized space to pursue my interests; it also provides a home base from which I can start long-term endeavors.  There are so many thoughts that have been flying through my head… the best I could do would be to list them:

  • Decorate my home beautifully
  • Play the piano or even take lessons again
  • Take on a few private patients
  • Join a yoga studio or get into the routine of a home practice
  • Join a new gym
  • Make new friends
  • Spend more time with my old friends
  • Start a garden
  • Write a book (one day!)
  • Get involved in the community
  • Explore state parks in the area
  • Host more get-togethers
  • Cook amazing meals and EAT THEM AT A TABLE  (no kitchen table in our shoebox)

Perhaps I am being over-optimistic.  In truth, I will be the same person, with the same amount of free time (maybe less), with less money, and with more responsibilities.  And on top of that, many of these ambitions I could theoretically implement right now.  But I suppose this is my New Year’s Day- the time when new horizons looks so shiny and attainable, and I’m okay with that naivety right now.  The spark that blinds me also propels me.  The possibilities of spring have me all twitterpated… and I like it.



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