I Totally Can May Should Will

Happy 2 year anniversary of my first WordPress blog post!  Two years ago to the day I got the writing bug and unveiled the Post-Apocalyptic Optimistic Blog.  By mid-March that bug had been squashed.  Then, come early January the following year, the urge to spew my thoughts on a public forum suddenly resurfaced and Can May Should Will was born.

So what is it about the onset of winter that incites my desire to blog?  After all, I’m working on 3 years in a row of wintry blog reincarnation.

It’s definitely not that December is boring, because it’s not.  I’m working hard, starting a side business, spending more time with family and friends, having fun with my husband in our new home.  And yet there’s a sense of stagnation that accompanies bald trees and gray skies.  I guess early-onset darkness and increased TV time start to take a toll on creativity.

Then there are the holidays.  They make us want to feel connected and purposeful.  Plus seeing friends and family reminds us of how rarely we see friends and family, and that we should probably keep in touch better.

Last time around, I wrote a post called “Why Blog?“, which really brings this all home.  The list of 10 reasons to blog kind of reads like 10 ways to beat the winter blahs.  So let’s give this another shot.  Even if my blogging succumbs to the first no-jacket day of spring, I’m excited to start back up.  And who knows?  Maybe it’ll stick this time.


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