An Anecdote from Love

Love is when, despite having to work Saturday and Sunday, you decide to go to a party two states away Saturday night and when you get home, exhausted and dreading the imminent 6:30 wake up, you realize you still have to make a lunch for tomorrow, but then immediately your equally tired husband who spent 3 hours of his night driving insists that he will make your lunch while you get ready for bed, so you decide you’ll have some water before bed but you somehow bobble the glass (that actually has finger holds for improved glass gripping) and it crashes all over the kitchen counter and floor into a million pieces that your husband again insists on cleaning, vacuum and all, while you get ready for bed, and then to top it off when you open your lunch Sunday afternoon, after all that, you find your husband still felt compelled to leave you a little note to help you through the day.


Balashi’s an Aruban beer

That’s love.

Now I’m off to Aruba for a few days!  If you’re reading this, I wish you a happy and fulfilling new year.  2015’s gonna be a good one.  Or painfully cataclysmic.  Who knows.


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